Simplicity Brewing; Brief Brewery Bio 007

Simplicity Brewing; Brief Brewery Bio 007

Origin Story

Steven had been homebrewing for well over 20 years and noticed a need for a home brew supply store on the coast. But Steven knew that someday he wanted to open a brewery. It just made sense to marry the two ideas and Simplicity Brewing and Supply became a reality.

Simplicity Brewing's "The Venerable Jimmy"

“The Venerable Jimmy”

Simplicity Brewing’s Signature Beers

“The Venerable Jimmy” A Scottish Style Stout

Orange Maple Wheat brewed in the summer

Cranberry Maple Wheat brewed in the fall

It’s all About the Feels

There are no televisions on the walls just background music to enhance the relaxing atmosphere.  The brewery is kid and pet-friendly. The even host a Yappy Hours where pets and their owners are welcome to come and sniff out a good time.

First Beer Memory

Along time ago, a very commercial beer,  which was quite an unpleasant experience. One must grow to acquire a taste for the finer things in life.


Simplicity Brewing and Supplies

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