Slope-Shredding Ski Beers at Sunday River; Entry 113

Slope-Shredding Ski Beers at Sunday River; Entry 113

So Amanda has been bustling around Sunday River, a ski resort in Maine, shredding up the Spring Brew Fest. With a set of five questions—all ski related, of course, she finds out what kind skier and snowboarder these beer drinkers are. And the most important question of them all: what is your favorite après ski beer? If you’re an unlearned fellow like myself, “après ski” means after skiing, and what beverage you choose after such an activity can say a lot about you. So grab your lift ticket, strap your boots on, and head up the mountain.

Hot Springs

There is brief mention of being able to swim while it’s snowing at the hotel. That sounds awesome –but you know what’s even cooler? Jigokudani Monkey Park at the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park in Nagano Japan. These snow monkeys travel to the hot springs in the winter to groom each other and lounge about in big, natural Jacuzzis. As you might expect, this lowers the amount of stress the monkeys feel (something science has deduced by looking at hormone levels in monkey droppings, thanks science!). So if you catch yourself in a heated body of water at Sunday river, pour one out for your primates in crime in Japan and get down into some monkey business.

Picture courtesy of Yosemite~commonswiki

Spring Skiing

So, spring skiing. A concept I hadn’t heard of before this episode. I imagine hordes of people dressed in bright neon, late 80’s fashion surging down the slopes with thigh-high shorts and boom boxes on their shoulders. Honestly, I think that’s how people should ski all the time. If you have an interesting skiing costume please share! (Here are some interesting costumes as well.)


Fascinated by Water

Did you know that people have researched whether or not water can be happy? Yes, this is something scientists have spent time doing. Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted experiments on water molecules by exposing them to both positive and negative images, spoken words, prayers, etc. The claim he made was that the water formed cohesive, beautiful shapes when exposed to positive ideas and misaligned, ugly ones when spoken to negatively. I’ll leave my own personal views on this out…but if you end up talking to your next glass of water (or beer), please record the event and show it to Amanda—she is fascinated by water after all!

Sunday River

Want to head to Maine and shred some slopes? You can find all there is about Sunday River right here.

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