Sours Only With Inoculum Ale Works; Entry 096

Sours Only With Inoculum Ale Works; Entry 096

Inoculum Ale Works

Amanda is back in Florida this week at Ten 10 Brewing with Nick Moench, head brewer of Inoculum Ale Works. Steve Schmidt from the Market the Brew podcast set her up with Nick since she was coming into Orlando the same day 10 Ten was hosting a bottle release for Inoculum. Sound like a complicated beer math equation? That might be because Nick is a bit of a yeast nerd and likes to find interesting (and intricate) ways to make unique, sour beers. Have yourself a listen and get yourself inoculated.


Dreamcatcher – this beer is green! It’s an absinthe-inspired ale with ingredients proportioned in a way that doesn’t smack your palate in the wrong way. The green color comes from a process that involves blending wheatgrass and blasting it with liquid nitrogen to loosen up all that wonderful chlorophyll. So yes, this beer would not appease Billy Madison.

Kuebiko – this ale is brewed with strawberries, lemons, and limes – making it a perfect beer for Florida. Furthermore, 100% of the proceeds from the beer were donated to help those affected by the Orlando Pulse shooting. Kuebiko is a deity in Japanese mythology that is represented by a scarecrow stuck in a field. While Kuebiko cannot move, the deity is only able to observe and ponder the happenings of the world – which is exactly how Nick felt stuck in the brewery while learning about the shooting as it happened.


Inoculum Ale Works Yeast Lab

Nick describes Inoculum as a bit of a microbiology playground that is funded by the beer they make. Curiosity based science (and brewing) is so important to discovering new things in the world around us (and yes, beers too). Nick left the corporate beer world because he wasn’t able to take risks with the beers he wanted to make. As he notes, part of making great beer involves making some bad beer along the way. So here’s a toast to all the mad scientists huddled over their non-functional time machines, interstellar warp drives, and vats of homebrew that could degrease a lawnmower engine.


Inoculum Ale Works

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