Start Your Own Brewery – Advice; Entry 106

Start Your Own Brewery – Advice; Entry 106

Amanda is wrapping up her series on starting your own brewery this week. She’ll be asking a handful of brewers what their once piece of advice is if you’re thinking about getting elbow deep in hops and grain. Not surprisingly, no one said throwing sprinkles into the brewing process was a good idea (although if you can infuse an actual rainbow into your beer I’ll be super impressed). Pack your bags for a road trip and tip your beekeepers – this week’s episode is off!


Lemonade, Bees, Beer

You might here Amanda reference lemons and lemonade in a few spots through this episode. Clay mentions beekeeping in his correspondent interview. That got me thinking about how cool it would be if bees could make things other than honey, like lemonade. I imagine them tucking in tiny lemons in their honeycombs and offering them up to a huge lemon-thoraxed bee queen. But then I thought that was sort of stupid (which it is), because it would be way cooler if they made beer instead of lemonade. How awesome would it be to shove a tap into a beehive and have mead come out? Maybe one day through the horrific marvel of genetic engineering we’ll be able to have just that. Black beehives will indicate some sort of stout. Really green ones will be IPAs. And the best part about this is that if you get stung in the process, all you’ll feel is a little buzzed.


Mountain Top Beer Advice

Clay sits down with Chris from Tuckerman Brewing for a bit of a chat about water, bees, and beer. At one point Clay mentions Tuckerman’s makes the perfect beer for drinking on a mountain, and it got me thinking about mountain top beers. Nothing tops off an arduous trek through mother nature herself, scrambling over rocks, and running away from bears like a nice beer. I went on a backpacking trip years ago in Linville Gorge (NC) and couldn’t remember where the water source was high up on the ridge our first night. My girlfriend and I ended up asking some people for some water, which led to a weird conversation about wrestling pythons in the Everglades. But they also gave us a beer…if we hiked to the top of the mountain with them. At night. Totally exhausted. And while that may sound ill advised, we did it anyway! It stands out as my favorite mountain top beer experience to date. Hike responsibly, friends.


Foulmouthed Brewing

Tuckerman Brewing

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