Start Your Own Brewery – Paperwork Woes; Entry 104

Start Your Own Brewery – Paperwork Woes; Entry 104

Amanda has been brewing like a champ. Getting dehydrated in the steamy confines of breweries while, at home, she’s swarmed with summer distraction fairies. All while barely having a roof over her head. Despite all the summer fun, in this episode Amanda kicks off her series on what it takes to open up a brewery. So naturally, we are diving headlong into the most exciting part – the paperwork! Prepare for fun (seriously) and get ready to face some of the most important questions of our time. Like – to sprinkle hops, or sprinkle sprinkles?

Amanda Brews

Tasty Taxes

Brewing is a process that involves special steps taken at specific times in order for a beer to turn out as intended. And just like the process itself, there is a special time that beer becomes taxable! This is mostly important for facilities that have a taproom. But interestingly enough, the brewery gets to decide when that most sacred of moments happens. Whether that time comes when the beer is canned or tapped, you can bet good old Uncle Sam is out there shaking an empty beer stein, looking for a refill.


Paperwork Beer: 216 Pale Ale

It took Woodland Farms 216 days to get through the Federal process. So naturally, they named one of their first beers 216. I can imagine more names for beers that might tie into the startup process. Like “My Dog Ate the Hops” (after having a brew pet cause some ruckus) or “Bathroom Flood” (after a failed toilet installation). Anyway, props to Patrick and crew at Woodland Farms for having a sense of humor and trudging through the startup process.

Cereal Fruit

Do you leave your cereal out until it turns into fruit so you can place it on the bushes for all the children to pick? Well then this episode is for you (yes, I understand that’s weird). A comment from Heidi got me thinking – what cereal would transform into the tastiest fruit. So I think Cinnamon Toast Crunch is obviously the worst candidate for this. I don’t care if it’s “The Taste You Can See,” I don’t want crunchy cinnamon in my fruit. Honey Nut Cheerios could yield interesting results, but you’d have to fight off bees to pick the fruit. Applejacks is probably a safer bet, since they are named after a fruit anyhow. The most unique looking would probably be Lucky Charms. I mean, a crunchy fruit budding with marshmallows actually sounds pretty cool.


Woodland Farms Brewery 

Flight Deck

Funky Buddha

 Battery Steele

Yes Brewing

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