Strong Rope Brewery; Entry 094

Strong Rope Brewery; Entry 094

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Amanda is back in New York for her last brief brewery bio in the state, for now. She’s popping in at Strong Rope Brewery to hang out with Jason Sahler, Strong Rope’s head brewer (and pretty much head everything). Strong Rope puts a heavy focus on highlighting locally grown ingredients in their beer. The brewery’s name is a bit of a tribute to one of Jason’s friends who has inspired him to no end. Raise a glass and hit play, friends.

Strong Rope Brewery Beer

J.J. Bollerack’s Brown Ale: American Brown Ale, 5.4% ABV.

“Strong Rope’s award winning Brown Ale, this beer is all about updating a classic American style. Centennial hops and Rye take this chocolatey and toasty ale to the next level of goodness. While the beer has a bit of residual sweetness from the low attenuating yeast used, the hops, rye and darker malts balance out that sweetness making a supremely drinkable and tasty Brown Ale. Named after an imaginary childhood friend of Eric, there is nothing imaginary about the robust flavors and aromas that come through in this wonderful beer.”

Here’s to friends (both real and imaginary, but especially imaginary). Cheers!

Falling Squirrel Project

Strong Rope’s Falling Squirrel series of beers shows off New York’s hops and malts with a consistent single malt, single hop formula that defines each beer. While this is awesome, I can’t help but get a little stuck on the name. Falling Squirrel? Let me tell you, I have a few falling squirrel stories for you. Nothing speaks of a great adventure quite like running around your house with a pool strainer net trying to round up the squirrel family that dive-bombed down your living room chimney. Spoiler alert: looking in a wicker basket in this scenario will always, always result in a small, arboreal mammal jumping onto your face with a high-pitched screech.

Strong Beer

Continued Beer Memories

Squirrel jokes aside, Strong Rope has found a way to honor someone who was very important in Jason’s life. We all find different ways to remember the ones we love. Whether it’s a picture in a locket, writing a song, or a hidden prayer flag on a mountaintop. I’d encourage everyone out there to find ways to bring your friends on all your adventures, even if they aren’t around anymore to come along for the ride. Stay safe out there, and adventure boldly.


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