Threes Brewing; Entry 092

Threes Brewing; Entry 092

Threes Brewing Logo

Amanda is in Brooklyn this week uncovering the secrets of Threes Brewing at 333 Douglas Street. Justin insists the brewery’s name comes from the address, and perhaps the addition of his partners, Greg and Josh, which forms a founding trifecta. They also share their space with a coffee shop and a restaurant (making for three businesses). I sense a deep eminence of intrigue lurking behind their name. Something a little like the Illuminati. Something that churns first beer memories, IPAs, and meta mockery of craft beer trends into a cohesive, collaborative brewery (with awesome label design, I might add).

Echo-Of-Nothing_1024x1024 Unreliable-Narrator_1024x1024

Threes Brewing Beers

Echo of Nothing: Mexican Lager – Assertive. White Pepper. Mellow Corn. Crushable. 5.5% ABV

Unreliable Narrator: IPA – Mango, Southern Tea, Dank, Lychee, Snowpine. 7.5% ABV


Threes Vibe

Justin says Threes isn’t trying to be some bro-y beer bar. They have live music and share their space with The Meat Hook, a restaurant, and Ninth Street Espresso, a coffee shop. The space itself is beautiful – bursting with lots of green vegetation and mysterious bricks. And don’t think I missed the three triangles set in the wall. What sort of prime number occult shenanigans do you guys have hiding out in there! Skulls? Cursed bottle openers? Inspect with caution, friends.

Threes Triangles


You can grab beer from Threes on-site store or check out their online store as well. To see where else you can grab one of their brews check out the “Where to Drink” link below. Cheers!

(Also, I finished writing this at 3:33 PM EST. O____O)


Threes Brewing

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