Threshers Brewing Co; Brief Brewery Bio 008

Threshers Brewing Co; Brief Brewery Bio 008

This interview with Scott Benson from Threshers Brewing Co is the last installment of the Brief Brewery Bio episodes recorded at the Maine Brewer’s Guild’s Freshman Orientation.

Origin Story:

Scott Benson and Ethan Evangelos went to Highschool together and worked as carpenters together. Both decided they were tired of being a hammer always looking for a nail and hanging out on roofs. A career change seemed in order. Ethan had been home brewing for several years, Scott was good at building things, and both had a true admiration for craft beers. Starting Threshers Brewing Co was a natural choice. Scott built all of the equipment. A lot of the equipment is repurposed dairy equipment which had to be modified for brewing beer.

Threshers Brewing Co Signature Beers:

Threshers are not trying to brew off the wall beers like other breweries. They want to be different. Offering beer drinkers more choices, and the chance to discover easily drinkable beers.

Nor’easter: A Northeast style IPA hopped with Australian El Dorado hops for a fruity, juicy, hoppy flavor.

Firefly Wheat: A Saison-style wheat ale, perfect for a hot summer day.

Citra IPA: A dry hopped with Citra hops which give off tropical/ grapefruit flavors, balanced out with bittering hops.

Threshers Atmosphere:

Threshers Brewing is located in Searsmont Maine, and known as the “friendliest town in Maine.” Scott and Ethan wanted to model that feel. Aiming to provide a very comfortable and family friendly atmosphere that offers a slow-paced getaway from a very busy world. Thresher Brewery will be crafting small batch quality brews in an industrial style building.

First Beer Memory:

Scott’s first beer memory was as a kid. Scott would help his Dad with yard work, and afterward, Dad would have a beer. Scott always liked the smell and occasional “taste” of Dad’s beer.


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