Time to Discover New Beer with BeerThirty; Entry 099

Time to Discover New Beer with BeerThirty; Entry 099

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Ready for something new? Things are getting switched up here in the upcoming episodes, so you better be. This week Amanda passes the microphone-torch to the Great Beer Adventure’s lead correspondent, Jack Butcher in Georgia. Jack is interviewing Chas Vales – Founder and CEO of the up and coming BeerThirty app that lets you track down specific styles of beer in your area, or anywhere you travel. We know you all have tried to hunt down specific beers. So, ready your growler harpoons and pint glass nets – it’s time to snag some new brew.

What Are They Into Drinking Now?

Chas: IPAs and Double IPAs

Jack: ESBs


Chas succumbed to the allure of craft beer at the same time he dove headfirst into web and app development. And, like most beer enthusiasts, Chas found himself without a map trying to discover certain types of beer. He’d go into bars and see something excellent on the menu, only to find out they were out and hadn’t updated their chalkboard or beer list. Frustrated (understandably so), Chas set out to come up with a solution that would allow beer makers and sellers to update their menus, with minimal effort, on a streamlined app. Users can search for specific styles of beers, set alerts for when the crop up in their area, and set their desired search radius so they don’t end up driving three states aways.

Chas has his sights set on the Atlanta area for the full rollout of the app and then plans to take over the South East by storm.

Sea Monster

Endless Quest For Gose

For a while now I’ve been on a serious Gose kick. However, my journeys to find this style of beer harkens back to seafaring tales of old. My adventure goes something like this: legends tell of an elusive sea monster which has patrolled the eastern shoreline for eons. This serpentine creature is known to eat aquatic mammals such as dolphin and manatee, filtering the animal’s blood and storing the brine in delicious, salty blisters upon its spine. In order to have a chance of finding this oceanic anomaly you have to do the following:

  1. Cover yourself in mud and bioluminescent phytoplankton
  2. Wade out into the marshes on a new moon
  3. Latch onto the monster’s back with huge fishing hooks

An ocean-borne wrestling match ensues, usually several miles offshore. I highly recommend scuba gear in case the creature dives deep underwater. But if vigilant enough you might just be able to siphon out a growler full of sweet leviathan nectar and make back to shore, hopefully alive.

While I love a good adventure, BeerThirty could just tell me where to drive…and I wouldn’t have to disturb an endangered species of ancient sea reptile in the process.







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