Travel, Beer, and Imagination with Nathaniel Boyle; Entry 095

Travel, Beer, and Imagination with Nathaniel Boyle; Entry 095

The Travelers

If you haven’t caught on yet, Amanda does a fair bit of traveling and beer exploring. She’s in Boston this week with a like-minded guest: Nathaniel Boyle, host of the Traveler’s podcast. Beer can be a great indicator of creativity lurking around different cities and countries. Passion and imagination are contagious, after all. So get ready to hunt down some frog legs and crack a beer a with your breakfast. This episode is going places.


Gnite Ryder: Black IPA by Against the Grain Brewery

Entropy: Barleywine by Mystic Brewery


Do you like stories and adventure? (It would be weird if you listen to the podcast and aren’t at least mildly interested.) Nathaniel runs Holocene – a hybrid publisher/creative collective platform that brings stories from experienced travelers into one place. I’m sure many of you out there have some interesting beer stories from your travels domestic or abroad. I spent a summer in Prague, which is pretty much the beer-drinking capital of the world. You pretty much have to have a beer to survive over there, I mean, it’s cheaper than water! I hope Amanda gets to fulfill her dream of getting to see a panda in the wild, hopefully with a beer in hand.

Gamers + Beer = Great Time

And speaking of creativity and travel and beer, I’m currently writing this post from an indie game booth at the East Coast Gaming Conference in Raleigh North Carolina. Being surrounded by artists, writers, musicians, and coders has been a blast. Can you imagine a few hundred nerds all crowded in a video game arcade bar and draining the taps of all the local craft brew? I can. If you’re ever in the area go visit Boxcar Bar + Arcade.You will revert into a 7-year-old kid again in no time at all. Again, passion is contagious. I’d strongly encourage anyone looking to flex their creative muscles to find a conference you’re interested in and go do some traveling. If interests alone aren’t enough to spark conversation, I guarantee the beer will be.

Boxcar Img

Drinking with Strangers

So Amanda has an idea for a new podcast where she, you guessed it, sits down with strangers and drinks with them! Let her know what you think, and maybe one day she’ll come put a microphone and camera in your face and get your life story.


The Travelers





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