Trinity Brewhouse; Entry 082

Trinity Brewhouse; Entry 082

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Amanda finds herself with a drink in Providence, Rhode Island in this week’s Great Beer Adventure. She is sharing bar space with Tommy Tainsh, head brew master of Trinity Brewhouse. Get ready for crabs, strawberries, and Capri Sun.

Trinity Brewhouse


The Trinity Brewhouse has been serving craft beer since 1994-back before brewpubs were anywhere else in Rhode Island. It was up to Trinity to educate Providence on what quality beers tasted like. Something that confused people at first when the came in and ordered a standard American beer. Now they churn out 1500 gallons a week and make Providence residents go crazy with some of their one batch brews.

Beer With A Cult Following

Belgian Strawberry (13% ABV): this beer earned a gold medal in 2015 at the Great International Beer Festival. Yeah, it’s good. So good, that Tommy brews it and bolts out of town for the week. He doesn’t care much for the ensuing m
adness the beer produces. Patrons melt into liquid silver pools of Capri Sun and rampage through Providence. However, this only lasts for about five days. That’s how long the single batch the brew a year lasts in town. I imagine it takes about four street sweepers, nine pressure washers, and a twelve man hazmat crew to clean up after the beer sensation washes through Providence.

Hardworking Vibe

Tommy says that Trinity is an eclectic brewhouse for working class people. You can find people of all ages mingling and drinking together. Trinity brews beer that the customers want to drink. This results in a lot of high gravity brew. However, Trinity isn’t charging an egregious price for their beer. They work hard to keep the pricing reasonable and affordable. This is beer for the people, not the elite!

Go grab yourself a brown ale, some crab line, and hop into the episode. Fresh sauteed first beer memories await you there. Harness their power and go make some new beer memories of your own this weekend. Bring more of your friends into the craft beer fold. It’s time to take over the world before it’s overtaken by something boring.

Call For Brewery Bloggers!

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Happy drinking and happy writing!


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