Yonkers Brewing Co. – Crushing Grapes to Craft Beer; Entry 070

Yonkers Brewing Co. – Crushing Grapes to Craft Beer; Entry 070

We are back with our second brief brewery bio from my Maine to New Jersey road trip. After leaving Connecticut I set my GPS to New York to the Yonkers Brewing Company.

I sat down with Sharif, the head brewer at Yonkers Brewing Company, and Jackie, the Creative Director of Culture and Chaos. Jackie told me about how her brother and his best friend Nick used to make wine with their grandfather. After a hard day of work they cracked open a beer, sending them down a path experimenting with recipes until they landed on a Yonkers Lager. The brewery has been around for about 3 years and they managed to keep 12 beers on tap at all times. Their flagship brew is a Vienna Lager with  a darker color that betrays how light it is on your palate. Yonkers’ motto is Start here – End here. They want you to sit down at the bar at the start of a game, have a drink, and not be too overpowered by the end of the game to have another.

Jackie First Beer Memory – she held back the secrets of her days drinking watered down beer, but loved using research for the brewery as an excuse to go drinking.

Sarif First Beer Memory – when he finished up college Sarif spent some time traveling around Europe. In the Netherlands he ended up at an old bar. He still remembers the smell of old wood and its ageless demeanor. The Belgian beers and lambics he drank there sparked his passion for brewing.

I need to do one of these quote un quote fact finding missions across the ocean and find a bar much like Sharif told us about. Until then I will have to keep exploring around here. And you should too! Check out Yonkers Brewing Co on your next road trip. 


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